What Are Shelfies?

“Selfies” went out with 2013. The hottest trend to hit social media this year is Hashtag “Shelfies!” Go do a search on Instagram for #Shelfies and you will see nearly 40,000 photos posted in a week!. It has hit many social media platforms and it’s exactly what it sounds like: pictures of people’s shelves and their collections. I can tell you that, if something exists, there is someone already collecting it somewhere in the world; therefore the #shelfies are unlimited.

I have a theory about the origins of the #shelfie. All year, last year, we looked at people’s faces a.k.a selfies. In addition, a song emerged to capture the era. After many self-portrait photographs, we had enough! We now want to see beyond a pretty face, we need to know what they are passionate about, what they care about, what they are obsessed about, and one simple snapshot will tell you that and much more…

Whether you are collecting to satisfy a sense of personal completeness or to show your individualism, you will need shelving to support your collection.

We are #shelving experts! We have a massive range, from the simplest, economic and light duty shelving to customizable mobile shelving. For over 25 years we have provided museum shelvinglibrary shelvingoffice shelving and warehouse shelving to many industries.