Innovative Office Furniture for your space

While setting up an office space in theory may seem as simple as arranging a desk and a chair, the reality is that best results demand more strategic considerations. Read on to learn about today’s innovative office furniture designed to improve accessibility, promote better work flow and optimize functionality in the workplace.

Know Your Needs

By considering the needs of your employees in terms of the surrounding environment, you can create an office space which not only supports but also enhances productivity.

For example, the Thinkpod offers an ingenious solution for office workers who thrive in a more public office environment but still need privacy for calls and urgent deadlines. This efficient, closeable workspace is surprisingly roomy, and promotes flexible space usage.

Not all offices have the same day-to-day needs. The SwiftLift is engineered with the evolving needs of your business in mind. These adjustable workspaces can be quickly and easily customized per your specifications. They even transform from standing workspace to sitting workspace in less than a second!

Tech-centric employees, meanwhile, will enjoy the Interior Architectural Structure. The Cadillac of work spaces, this desk/storage combo optimizes space and data delivery for the most high-functioning office tasks.

If you’re looking for a creative and eye-catching way to offer privacy within a common workspace, MIX Screens are a dynamic addition. Linking, pivoting and dividing pieces enable you to customize your space to meet your needs on any given day.

Conceal Clutter and Store More

Set your employees up for success by investing in innovative shelving and storage options. Furniture, such as filing cabinets, cubicle partitions, bookcases, cabinetsmobile shelving and other pieces, can creatively meet your storage needs while enhancing both productivity and employee morale.

Concealing unsightly wires and cords, meanwhile, isn’t just an aesthetic consideration; doing so also eliminates trip hazards. The Hitchin’ Post offers portable plug-in functionality convenient for every office space. Another way to clear your space of unsightly wires and cords? The Powerspot. Simply lay your device down on it and enjoy “invisible” charging.
In short, by by viewing your office set up as a welcome opportunity as opposed to a dreaded task, you can create an environment that not only enhances functionality, but also supports your comprehensive business strategies.

At Hi-Cube, our Furniture Specialists, Terry Bushnell will assist you with space design to accommodate furniture and storage within your budget. Learn more about him here