2014 – Six Hot Trends for Office Furniture in Vancouver

Let’s face it, most of us would like to get free haircuts and/or free gourmet food as company perks like google’s employees. It is also true that most companies will not have the budget to implement such benefits, however we could slowly get into a better office environment by implementing one of the top six trends for office furniture in 2104.

Room to Breathe

Cubicles aren’t the trendy choice anymore. The new trend is “hot desking,” a concept that lets employees move around and work where they want. The purpose of hot desking is to encourage collaboration in group settings, such as while seated in a lounge furniture grouping near the window.
In offices where cubicles still exist, the walls are lower to cultivate teamwork. Unassigned tables also allow employees to meet for spontaneous collaboration.


Wheeled office furniture is all the rage in 2014. Wheels let employees pull up a chair and collaborate easily. Rolling storage units allow for ample office flexibility. With the ability to move storage cabinets, offices can easily be expanded, relocated and reconfigured as often as needed.

Office Treadmills

A growing number of employees are trading in their standard office chair and desk for a treadmill and standing desk. This takes mobility to the next level by letting employees work and get a workout at the same time. This trend is emerging as the correlation between employee health and productivity grows stronger.

More Places to Eat

Food and social interaction go hand in hand. Employees who eat together tend to collaborate better. That’s why an office trend for 2014 is to provide a bigger break room and more comfortable areas for employees to eat together.

Bringing the Outside In

Employees tend to be happier and more productive with nature around them. No one likes feeling cooped up all day, and an open window or live plant brings a little bit of the outdoors in. Employees are even often granted access to roof decks with scenic views to help clear their heads at lunch.

Bright Colors

Offices of the past have often been haunted by dull grey or stark white, but today that’s changing drastically. This year, expect many offices to flaunt bright colors and patterns in place of dull palettes. Red and orange in particular are shown to stimulate productivity.

If the above options are not affordable. Start by improving your personal office space. Get yourself a mini trampoline, NASA research shows that rebounding is the best way to excercise and will stimulate the circulation of oxygen throughout the body to increase energy.
If your body and brain feels good, the environment around you will feel the same.